What Different Power Supply Sockets Are There?

Power supply socket

In today’s world, there exists various types of power supply sockets that was recommended by International Trade Administration by the US Department. Each outlet has an indicated letter in which doesn’t approve anything. Since they are of different alphabets, they exist in different countries and also countries have their own plug and power supply sockets with different voltages. In this summary, we are using plugs to identify the different power supply sockets that are active in electrical wholesalers Chester and across the world:

Type A: They are commonly used in the Mexico, Canada, USA, and japan. It has two blades that are a 1.5 mm in thickness. a length of 15.9 to 18.3 mm and 12. 7 mm apart. The plug is rated 15 A as the width of hot blade is 6.3 mm and 7.9 mm for neutral. The socket used ungrounded and is made up of bumps to prevent the plug from sliding outside the socket, and also designed to be used for only type a plug-ins.

Type B: Almost same as the type A plug, the plug is made of 3 pins. its thickness is of 1.5 mm, 12.7 mm spaced apart, 6.3 mm in width, and 15.9-18.3 mm in length. The plug is also grounded as it has a u shaped or round earth pin that is 4.8 mm in diameter. The centre distance between the imaginary and grounded pi is 11.9 mm. The socket used with this type of plug is the grounded sockets which are also compatible with the type A.

Type C: It is a type of plug used for ungrounded sockets commonly in Asia, South America and Europe except UK, Cyprus, Ireland, and Malta. It has 4 mm round plug pins that is 18.6 mm spaced apart at the base, 19 mm in length and 17. 5 mm at its tip. It is compatible with any socket that accepts 4.0 mm to 4.8 mm round contacts.

Type D: Commonly used in India, the plug has 3 pins and is compatible with grounded sockets. Its central earth pin is 20.6 mm in length, and 7.1 mm in diameter. Neutral pins are 14.9 in length, 5.1 mm in line, and 19.1 mm spaced apart.

Type E: It is compatible with grounded socket with plugs of type F, E, and C. Plug resembles those of type c, only that its round shaped and has female contact to accept the grounding pin of the socket.

Type F: It’s designed for grounded sockets and are very compatible with type E, C, and F. The only difference it comes with two grounding clips at the side of the plug.

Type G: Its socket is grounded and compatible with plug type G only. It is commonly used in the UK as it has 3 rectangular prongs forming an isosceles triangle. The plug is 13 A and only fits the isosceles triangle sockets.

Type H: It’s meant for grounded sockets (Israeli sockets) that are compatible with plug H and C. It’s one of the most dangerous plug types around the world as its prongs are not insulated.

Although there still exists some plugs, it is important to understand which are commonly used worldwide, in order to make sure you get a compatible connection to power your appliances.