Types of School Gym Equipment

School Gym Equipment

If you are trying to lose weight and find yourself getting bored of the typical workouts, it is time to change your routine. You can do so without spending much money or even going to the store to buy new gym equipment, in many cases. Consider a few ways to get in shape without spending extra cash or running out to buy gear you do not already have.

Working out together as a team is a great way to build team spirit as well as strengthen the team athletically for sports competitions. When creating a school gym, one must consider which equipment will provide the greatest results while promoting team unity. Since the equipment is likely to take a beating from students of all shapes and sizes, it is important to choose high-quality equipment that will stand the test of time. Inexpensive home fitness equipment may fit within budgets, but if you have to replace it the following year, you haven’t saved any money! In setting up a school gym, you will need to decide what type of school gym equipment to purchase and what brand. Here are some suggestions for using the Body Craft equipment.

While cardio workouts are certainly important to overall physical fitness, most school gyms are focused more on strength training. Students often get a good cardio workout from running track or gym laps, reducing the need for a treadmill or elliptical machine. Should you wish to incorporate cardio into your school gym, a rowing machine is an excellent choice as it will tone muscles while building endurance. The Body Craft VR100 rowing machine is a high-quality machine that fits nicely into any school gym equipment range.

For strength training, a combination of weight machines and free weight stations are recommended. Many of Body Craft’s strength machines allow for multiple users to workout simultaneously which allows for maximum time and space efficiency. For example, the X4 weight machine offers hundreds of exercises and can accommodate up to four users at one time. Most sports require strong legs. The F660 Hip Sled is a great strength machine for a school gym. With this machine, athletes can do 4 different exercises: leg presses, hack squats with weights on the shoulders, donkey squats with weights on the lumbar, and calf raises. For the upper body, the F620 let machine strengthens arms, backs, and shoulders and features a unique, ergonomic design.

Finally, no gym would be complete without a good set of free weights, both dumbbells and barbells, and weight benches. Exercises are done with barbells often require additional spotters to ensure the safety of the students lifting the weights. Professional smith machines have some of these safety features built-in. But Smith machines only let the exercisers move vertically with the barbell. This limits the range of motion, and thus the number of exercises that can be performed with the machine. Body Craft has taken this a step further with their revolutionary Jones Machine. It moves both vertically and horizontally allowing for more natural movement and increasing the number of exercises that can be performed with the machine. It also has built-in adjustable safety spotters for an extra layer of security when lifting alone.