How to make sure you get you office design right when you relocate

With the average full-time you can spend at work in the UK being 37 hours a week, there is a need to keep your office comfortable and provide a space that allows leisure besides working. With this being said, learn ways to ensure your office gets a perfect design when you relocate.

Here are tips to help you find the right office for you and your employees, to be able to attract and keep top talent.

Striking a balance

According to research, modern workers prefer flexible working arrangements with a positive culture. By meeting these needs that millennials value, you will be getting the right office. This is because you get to attract the brightest talent in the industry and keep your highest performing staff thanks to favourable office spaces.

You can get leisure spaces or breakout rooms where your employees can unwind at breaks and lunch. You can designate a place away from their desks where employees can eat food something will show how you value their leisure time, which in turn boosts productivity. A glass partition wall can work perfectly at this point.

Office appearance

The appearance of an office matters a lot. For instance, the impact of light drastically affects mood and productivity. So while you would consider making your office spacious, remember having a well out room positively affects the mood, which in turn boosts productivity. Some great ideas on how to keep the office well lit include using a glass partition wall, reducing shadows by fixing overhead light fixtures, replacing older fluorescents and many others.

Still on the office appearance, it would make communications between teams and colleagues much simpler if you would keep an open plan design. The glass partition wall mentioned earlier could help keep an office somehow open for easy communication. This also shows transparency, showing that you are a firm that doesn’t keep secrets and values connection among employees.

A trend with modern offices that helps organisations a lot is branding. Let the design of your office show company values and personality. You can also incorporate into the office spaces an inspiration board where employees can share ideas.

Office flexibility

It would be bad not to consider flexibility as you think of the right design of your office. Many people would want an office they can use for most if not all types of tasks an office can take. An office that offers flexibility also allows you to work even at unconventional hours.

The layout and furniture of the office matters when it comes to flexibility. You can use movable furniture which will allow different ways of working among employees, alone or collaboratively, creatively, or traditionally. If you would want you or your staff to work from any location in the office, you can consider setting your office to allow hot-desking.